Today was the last day of Phase 1. The whole day was very enjoyable, though I didn’t accomplish much learning. We had our Friday check-in session, which went pretty well. Most everyone’s thoughts were on the assessment. Some felt like they didn’t get enough feedback, and some felt like they got too much. Our guide said to make sure we provide that feedback, since DBC is constantly trying to improve.

The morning lecture didn’t last very long, since it was really just a discussion of the day’s events. We would be teaming up into our weekly groups and creating a program, any program, that included the use of a database. We decided we wanted to build a text messaging app that could message specific people or the entire team, and immediately got to work learning the Twilio messaging tool. We were only given about 30 minutes to work before it was time for the Phase 3 final project presentations, so all that was accomplished was creating the database and downloading the Twilio gems that would let us interact with the tool through Ruby.

The presentations were very impressive, even more so when you think that they only worked on these web applications for about a week. There were 3D apps that could be paired with your smart phone and Google Cardboard, a crowd-sourced lost pet finder, even a meteorite impact viewer, which took data that NASA has provided and creates historical maps of all of the impacts. My favorite app was definitely ‘Bring Home to Mom’, a website that allows parents to find a date for their son or daughter based on mutual interests, invite that potential match on a date through communication with that person’s parents, and even purchase date packages so the two can enjoy themselves and feel incentivized to actually go on this arranged date. Everything about the app was beautifully done, from the messaging tools to the package choices to the match filter. Definitely excited to see what we end up building in six weeks.

After presentations and lunch, we had a little time to work on our Twilio project again. It didn’t take us long to get the app working, but it was less exciting because we needed to confirm a number before it could be added to the database. I might go back later and add functionality to automatically confirm and add a number, but that requires a paid membership to Twilio, not just the free trial that we were using. All in all, it was a neat little tool to learn about. Will definitely come in handy in final projects, as a lot of today’s presentations involved one or more of Twilio’s many services.

Our afternoon lecture introduced us to the basics of Python and C#. We won’t be working with either language during DBC, but it was nice getting an idea of how the syntax works. Python definitely has some similar features to Ruby, and I’d probably go that direction next if and when I decide learn my next language. C# is extremely different, but I imagine I’ll eventually deal with all sorts of confusing syntax in my future life.

I was so tired that instead of trying to accomplish anything else, I crashed in the nap room for about an hour. It was just the lift I needed to get through the rest of the evening’s festivities, which included Phase 3 graduation and reception at a nice bar downtown. It was definitely nice to unwind and spend time with everyone outside of DBC, though I’m not much for crowds, loud music, or drinking. I eventually made my way home and relaxed for a little bit before calling it a night.

Monday begins Phase 2. This weekend, I’ll be spending time learning Sinatra. Until then, I’m Edwin Unger and I’m a web developer in training.