Woke up early, got to DBC, and went right back to work. Sleep is for the weak, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, and all those other terrible things people say when they decide to mistreat their bodies.

Today and tomorrow are all about team projects. We had a lecture on Git workflow, but it was mostly a reminder of what we should already know. After a brief break due to a fire alarm, one of my teammates and I decided to get started. We had a choice between creating a Survey Monkey clone or a Connect Four game. I thought it was a logical choice to do Survey Monkey, for several reasons: it would be great practice for AJAX, routes, and associations. It would be closer to the real life work we’ll be doing. Perhaps selfishly, it would also help me with figuring out my final solo project, which is essentially a quiz creating page, but with a more personal effect. Unfortunately, the other two people on my team decided they wanted to do Connect Four. After some deliberation, we settled on Connect Four as long as we could get some AJAX commands into it.

My pair and I got to work on the back-end, building logic for how a column on a board could accept a piece, remember that piece every time we dropped a new piece, and refused a piece if that column was full. It took us most of the day, but it was a great feeling to see all the logic working. Tomorrow, we’ll work on connecting it with the front-end work that our teammates were working on.

At six, I immediately started working on my solo final project. I talked to a few people about their Survey Monkey clones, which really helped me get a better idea of what I wanted to do with my database. I didn’t get too far before the coach from yesterday grabbed me and several others to give a detailed talk on AJAX. He walked us through every step from creation to database calling to actually making it load up on the page. I definitely had a better understanding after that, but I still want to have more practice with it before I say I ‘know’ AJAX.

I stayed at DBC late again, building my solo project up into something that actually represents a homepage. Pretty exciting to see where this goes, but until tomorrow I’m Edwin Unger, and I’m a web developer in training.