This weekend was action packed, but now I’m beginning to feel the drain. Our team agreed to core hours to work on the project, which means we’re at DBC from 9-6 every day, including weekends. No big deal, but I’m definitely noticing the lack of break time.

We managed to get most of the database seeded, and I’m pretty much finished with the routes that will be used to get data to the front-end. There was a unanimous decision made not to use React or Node/Ember on the front-end, so we’re now building a Sinatra website that utilizes Rails for the back-end. Nothing changes for me, but it makes it easier for the front-end team to create a more polished product.

Today was more of the same, just finishing up the database, working on the key features we’d like to implement, and figuring out what I can do to help the front-end team. We’re also trying to learn D3, but I’m not quite ready to attack that monster yet.

Until tomorrow, I’m Edwin Unger, and I’m a web developer in training.